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We are officially Climate Neutral Certified!

We are officially Climate Neutral Certified! If you don’t know what Climate Neutral is, they are an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is working to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

They provide a trusted consumer standard for climate neutrality and we are so excited to be certified.

From a company perspective this is huge!

We are committed to protecting the planet and following Climate Neutral’s guidelines for how we can remain responsible with our products and reduce emissions across company operations.

Climate Neutral’s mission is to pave a way for consumer brands to take responsibility for their climate pollution, as well as are giving the opportunity for consumers to identify and choose products or services that positively impact our beautiful planet.

Their certification is aligned to international standards and best practices that showcase better transparency with manufacturing practices, annual reporting, and accountability to carbon emission reduction plans.

If you are an entrepreneur and curious about this process, there are several steps you have to go through in order to get certified.

We first submitted our interest at the start of January this year and it took until July to be invited to apply. By September we were able to gather all the details they were looking for. We measured how much carbon was emitted from making and shipping our products and showed how we are invested to offset those emissions this year, as well as what we plan implement moving forward.

After submitting our application, we were officially certified at the end of October! It was a lot of work to get certified, but it means we can showcase to our customers that they are buying a product from a company that is committed to making change today to help reduce our climate crisis.

As an inventor and entrepreneur, it is my responsibility to ensure my company is doing everything it can to protect the environment. This last month we became certified alongside a group of incredible brands who are also committed to making better products for customers who care about our planet.

If you are interested in learning more about the certification process, you can learn more at

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