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This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).


The following pending patent application(s) apply to one or more Emikeni Inc.'s Curling Headband™ products:

- U.S. Patent Application Number 29798017

The following registered patent(s) apply to one or more of the EmiKeni Inc. products:

- U.S. Patent Registration Number 63/154,823

- U.S. Patent Registration Number 29/798017

- U.S. Patent Registration Number 10,159,299

- U.S. Patent Registration Number 10,413,018

- U.S. Patent Registration Number D744,740 S

- U.S. Patent Registration Number D851,385 S

- U.S. Patent Registration Number 29/667,980

- U.S. Patent Registration Number 29/590,788

Other U.S. and foreign patents are pending.

Trademarks & Copyrights

Emikeni Inc.’s branding, images, copy, and designs are copyright protected. All rights reserved.

The following are Emikeni Inc.'s registered trademarks and copyrights. Additional application(s) may be pending. Moreover, in accordance with U.S. copyright law and trademark law, Emikeni Inc.'s copyright, trademark and/or trade dress protection extends beyond those materials formally registered and listed below. Emikeni Inc. re-states, all rights are reserved.

- Trademark Registration Number 87,542,047 (USPTO)

- Trademark Registration Number 28,878,290 (China)

- Copyright Registration No. PA 2-348-870 (effective 3/21/2022) for motion picture titled  “RobeCurls Tutorial”

- Copyright Registration No. PA 2-348-872 (effective date 3/21/2022) for motion picture titled “RobeCurls Reveal”

- Copyright Registration No. VA 2-296-155 (effective date 3/17/2022) for group of photos titled “RobeCurls 2021 photos”

- Copyright Registration No. VA 2-297-603 (effective date 3/17/2022) for visual 2D artwork titled “Wrap illustration”

- Copyright Registration No. VA 2-297-604 (effective date 3/21/2022) for visual 2D artwork titled “Wear illustration"

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