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Who could ever resist a chocolate chip cookie?

From every soccer league as a kid to visiting grandma on holidays, everyone has enjoyed a delicious chocolate chip cookie. We love them so much that it is hard to picture a world without them. And we have Ruth to thank for our cookie-loving heritage.

A Look Back In Time

Imagine sitting down at a table in Massachusetts after a long day of travel in 1930. Suddenly, you’re overwhelmed with the sweet delicate smell of cookies. Perhaps a butterscotch nut cookie or even a sugar one, you think. Instead, the owner of the Toll House Inn walks gracefully from the kitchen and delivers a fresh plate of cookies you have never seen before.

A Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookie.

Ruth Graves Wakefield wanted to create something different. While some speculate it was an accidental recipe, others noted Ruth’s perfectionism in her craft. As a result of her beloved cookie, sales skyrocketed for Nestlé chocolate bars. With the chocolate chip cookie sparking interest globally after WWII, Andrew Nestlé bought Ruth’s recipe for $1 and the promise to supply her with a lifetime's worth of chocolate.

Inventor’s Impact

Nestlé soon started marketing chocolate chips and with every package came the tried and true recipe of chocolate chip cookies. In fact, if you pick up a round of Toll House cookie dough or a bag of Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate chips at the store today, the recipe is still on its packaging all these years later.

Has this inspired you to make cookies today in honor of Ruth? Excuse me while I head to the store for some chocolate chips…flour…probably a couple of eggs…

Did you know that the Toll House cookie was so popular in American culture that Nestlé lost its trademark for the name in the 1980s? Tollhouse was seen as a common term for cookies, rather than a specific product! Ruth changed American history and language with her recipe! 🤩

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