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How Nick Gray's Book Can Help You In Entrepreneurship

A few years ago I attended a party where I didn’t know anyone. That party was hosted by my friend Nick Gray and with his enthusiasm and structured approach to a two-hour party, I was absolutely hooked on wanting more afterward.

I’ve been honored to have looked over initial drafts of Nick’s book over the years and am even more excited to share that his book is officially published! This book changes how we view parties, networking, and meeting new people. It’s a game-changer friends!

Meeting new people as you get older is difficult (to say the least). We are all busy chasing our dreams, building businesses, and trying to find some downtime in between. Luckily, Nick has created the perfect formula to meet new people and connect with others in a way that takes away the awkward uncertainty.

In his words, “My book is meant for people who have near-zero hosting experience. This book is for you if you want to learn how to host a great, simple, small event.”

The 2-Hour Cocktail Party: How to Make New Friends and Build Big Relationships

If you don’t know Nick, he founded and sold two successful businesses. Between the success of Museum Hack and Flight Display Systems, he has found the time to write a book and has hosted and assisted with more small parties than anyone else I know.

As a founder and entrepreneur, networking is key but it doesn’t have to feel sluggish or forced. Nick lists tangible ways to engage with a new group of people and host a party that leaves a lasting impression.

Ways To Make New Connections

It can be intimidating to host a party at first, but Nick gives a step-by-step on how to prepare and lists the dos and don’ts of hosting. Even better, he has some great resources that go more in-depth for different types of parties.

How to host a networking event

Nick lists how hosting your party on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday can help with networking at an event. It takes the conflicting schedule dates out of the equation for the weekend, as well as gives a shorter timeframe so there is no pressure to host late into the night. (Especially when you have to be up for work in the morning!)

How to host a clothing swap

A clothing swap is a great way to get a refreshed wardrobe and make some new friends that may be in a similar network as you. If you work in retail, then you know there are lots of issues with refunds and sizing, which is why a clothing swap is the perfect way to invest your wardrobe into someone else’s closet.

How to host a happy hour

Nick suggests using name tags for every party you host and even has suggestions for quick ice breaker games to get a happy hour started on the right foot. With a clear step-by-step process for RSVPs, you can make guaranteed connections with his formula for hosting and not be worried about no-shows (or having too much food).

Mocktail Party: How to host when you don’t drink alcohol

There are so many great mocktail recipes out there that can boost a hosting experience. You can teach your guests how to make them, or give them a list of ideas to craft their own. The main thing is having the right ingredients for hosting with success, including the party harmonica (which you will have to read more about in his book)!

How one book could change how we network

There are many ways that you could host a 2-hour cocktail party, but what makes Nick’s book so great is that it is made to help others feel comfortable about making meaningful connections with their network, their friends, and their community.

It gives you actual shopping lists, steps for throughout the evening, and even teaches you how to problem solve if there are issues that come up. Whether you’ve got a small place or a large house, this book is making waves for entrepreneurs!

If you’re interested in learning more about Nick Gray’s incredible book, you can follow his journey on his website or on his blog .

P.S. Thanks Nick for writing such a great book! (your parents should be proud!)

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