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Authority Magazine Features Founder and Inventor Emily Kenison In Series “Why We Need More Women Founders”

[New York, NY] — Founder and Inventor of RobeCurls, Emily Kenison, shares her insights and experiences with Authority Magazine’s series “Why We Need More Women Founders.” In her interview, Kenison emphasizes the importance of women-led innovation and the impact it has across multiple industries.

When Kenison launched RobeCurls, the original heatless hair curling headband, it was a category creator in the hair care industry. Kenison says, ”Curling irons were invented over a century ago, rollers have been stagnant since the 80s, and we were long overdue for innovation. I created a new category in hair care that has empowered women with a tool that enhances their beauty without compromise. This success is measured by the freedom and empowerment that my customers feel, not just by the products that are sold.”

In the interview, Kenison shares the primary obstacles that block women from founding companies like hers, “Funding stands as the primary obstacle for women founders. This challenge isn’t just financial; it’s symbolic of the broader hurdles women face in being taken seriously in the entrepreneurial world. Overcoming this requires not just changes in how we allocate resources but also in our cultural perceptions of female entrepreneurship and the value of women-driven innovation.”

As the founder of Emikeni, RobeCurls, and Straplets, Kenison has brought change to multiple industries and is on a mission to break down barriers for women entrepreneurs to thrive.

Read the full interview on Authority Magazine.

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