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We took RobeCurls to The Pitch Show to share our story

We had the opportunity to share our RobeCurls pitch with the team at The Pitch Podcast where we talked through the importance of what RobeCurls brings to the market today!

Our pitch went a little something like this…

The Market: Changing History With a Heatless Hair Curler

A century ago, a man invented the curling iron that has been the go-to item for hairstyling, but any woman can attest that it has come with damaged hair and sigh, very long routines. RobeCurls shifts that history with the market’s first heatless hair curler that actually works!

The Product: RobeCurls, the First Heatless Hair Curling Headband

RobeCurls is a patented heatless hair curler that holds curls 5x longer than a regular curling iron. Made from pillowy soft satin charmeuse, the headband features an integrated wire for customized curls and a plush H²Air-Tex microfleece inner lining that keeps natural moisture while locking in long-lasting curls. RobeCurls is functional and stylish with the ability to wear as an updo to work, out with friends, or comfortably overnight.

The Ask: Connecting To Scale and Grow

The heatless hair curler market is burgeoning, valued at $153.7 million in 2022, and is projected to reach $248.5 million by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 5.1%. RobeCurls isn't just participating in this market; we're leading it! We’re looking to partner with early-stage investors and VCs who can guide us in the next larger funding phase. We’re already profitable, but we have the capability to scale rapidly with your support for future growth.


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