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My Women Inventors book has officially launched!

When I was a kid, my family often referred to me as Tinkerbell. I was a natural-born tinkerer with curiosity always at my heels.

Many women throughout history have had this same feeling. The inherent feeling that they need to create and invent. Driven by frustration or pure curiosity, there have been many names we know (and some we do not know) in history who made life-changing inventions.

My new book is a republication of patents from women inventors through the years 1790 to 1888, but with something more in this new edition…watch the book trailer to learn more about the idea behind the book 💫‍

And be sure to check out the website to learn, contribute, and connect with the past and the future of female ingenuity!

Thank you for being here on this journey with me, and I can’t wait to share more of these women’s stories with you.

We are on a mission


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