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How we structure our team

Here at Emikeni headquarters (Disco HQ as we like to call it) we have focused on how we can create the best communication strategy possible for our team, our customers, and the communities we are a part of. Our communication channels serve as an avenue to focus on how to attract, engage, and delight customers along the journey.

A Company Built Like a Team

With a small company in place, we like to take the approach of a team mindset with our employees referred to as teammates, our managers as coaches, and our CEO known as the Chief Coach. We recruit the most intelligent, innovative, and talented people to be leaders in their own roles here. With hiring people who have an open mindset to learn, we are each able to gain from from one another’s knowledge to develop the best strategy possible.

Our Culture

Our culture is fun-loving and driven by the open door to the entrepreneurial dream. We know that ambition paired with inventive creativity leads to empowered solutions that benefit our customers, our communities, and our people. Transparency-empathy is our hyphened middle name and we wear it humbly with a team that comes from a diverse set of perspectives. When it comes down to it - we ask big questions and deliver originality to the doorstep of industry change across everything we do.

Customer Centric Mindset

We have a customer centric mindset based on Professor Peter Fader’s model when it comes to our company and aspire to create a positive customer journey that builds a strong community across all our brands. We care about our people, and we care about what they care about too!

As a company, we hold our customer at the center of everything we do and strive to create products that add value and meaning to their lives. A part of that culture is built and upheld by our dedicated customer communication that focuses on the right kind of customers who enjoy our brands. We want to ensure every aspect of our communication channels keep customer voices heard with actionable steps to do better at every turn.

The Flywheel Approach

Just like the great Jim Collins himself, we know a sustainable model of business comes when we focus on the aspects that make the wheel move towards customer satisfaction and company growth. In transforming strangers into loyal customers, we take a three stage approach to keep the wheel moving. We call this Communications, which includes Attract, Engage, and Delight.



Customer Stage: Stranger

Our goal in this stage is to offer value through education, inspiration, and entertainment with the approach to earn our customer's attention and not force it.

To attract customers, we focus on meaningful and compelling content that eliminates barriers to access for understanding our company and the inventions we offer.

Actions we take to attract:

  •  Influencer Marketing
  •  SEO
  •  Landing Pages
  •  Social Media
  •  Broadcasting (CurlTalks - How it works)
  •  Paid Ads
  •  Customer Review (Read)
  •  Broadcasting Live
  •  Press

Metrics we monitor:

  • Unique visitors
  • Pageviews
  • Location
  • Channels
  • Devices
  • Email open rates
  • Email clicks
  • Impressions / Views (social)

Our teammate who focuses on external communications and leads influencer marketing takes care of all our brands with the initial attract phase.


Customer Stage: Visitor (Fans, Followers)

Our goal in this stage is to add value and build trust by adapting content to meet customer ambitions and desire for solutions. We keep our doors open to welcome customer interest and relationships, as well as focus less on just closing a deal. Throughout this phase, we enable customers to engage with us as well as provide insightful information, offer solutions, create educational opportunity, and build relationships that meets customer needs on their preferred timeline and channel.

Actions we take to engage:

  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Live Chat Bot
  • Customer Reviews
  • Contact capability
  • Long-Tail Keywords

Metrics we monitor:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Pay Per View (PPV)
  • Time on Site
  • Time on Page
  • New vs. Returning
  • Referral traffic
  • Email Subscriber growth
  • Email Unsubscribes
  • Email Forwards

We have two teammates who focus on this stage with a pairing of customer communication, content curation, and interaction with followers across our social media channels.


Customer Stage: Customer

Our goal in the delight stage is to create customers’ success with tangible value and positive customer relationships. W tie your success to our customers and actively shift rescues to be more effectively distributed throughout the entire customer experience. By creating an outstanding customer success experience, we are able to add real value and empower customers to reach their goals, as well as become advocates and promoters for our company.

Actions we take to delight:

  • Broadcasting (CurlTalks - How to use)
  • Return policies
  • Free shipping and other shipping options
  • Reward programs
  • High-quality customer support
  • Recognizing and featuring their successes – showcasing them to the rest of the world
  • Free Juice Boxes

Metrics we monitor:

  • Goal Completions
  • Goal Conversion Rate
  • Sales Transactions
  • Time to purchase
  • Assisted Conversions
  • Lead capture forms
  • Blog subscriptions
  • Email subscriptions

Our customer success advocate focuses mainly on the delight phase and actively works on ways to give customers an outstanding experience with all of our brands.

Emikeni’s Mission

Our mission at Emikeni is to empower optimism through originality. We know that being fearlessly original can lead to industry change, which is why our company is structured in a way that delivers customer success while simultaneously upholding an empowered team of leaders in their respective fields. We know we are still learning how to build the best customer experience, but continue to offer greater insights into how women-led businesses can refocus the momentum for positive outcomes.

Our Vision As a Company

Emikeni seeks to challenge industry expectations through sustainable design and creative pursuits that redefine what it means to be an inventor. That begins through creating purposeful solutions across business approaches and in the products we invent.

Our values focus on,

  • Inventive mindset
  • Fearless originality
  • Creative ambition
  • Diverse perspective
  • Humble transparency
  • Thoughtful empathy
  • Genuine stewardship

Each of our values are an extension of how we operate as a team, and how we humbly walk forward into building a company that is grounded in sustainable design and the pursuits of empowering individuals to make waves of change.

We are on a mission


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