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2021 Donation Announcement

Being a part of 1% For The Planet has opened our eyes to the impactful actions of nonprofit organizations that are making positive changes in the communities around them. ‍

As a part of our dedication to the cause in helping our planet this year, these are the three organizations we are supporting! ‍

Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider Foundation was born from the love of surfing and the need to protect vital environments that continue to be negatively impacted by development and pollution. Surfrider focuses on protecting our oceans and beaches by developing avenues for activism in local communities through, 

  • Plastic reduction
  • Ocean protection
  • Beach access
  • Coastal preservation
  • And clean water initiatives‍

It is no secret that the oceans rising is one of the top concerns in our current climate crisis. As a grassroots non-profit organization, Surfrider is a network of people with a boots on the ground approach that consists of campaigns, programs, and educational initiatives in local communities to save our most beloved oceans.

Learn more about the current campaigns here.‍

Billion Oyster Project

Founded in 2014 by Murray Fisher and Pete Malinowski, they envisioned a better way forward for a healthy and biodiverse New York harbor. What started out as a vision to educate people about restoration has turned into a project that has amassed thousands of volunteers, students, programs, and partners who are advocating to rebuild the oyster population for healthy ecosystems. 

Since starting the organization, they have, 

  • Restored 75 million oysters
  • Collected 1.9 million pounds of shells
  • Developed educational initiatives with over 100 schools‍

Alongside the ability to remove pollutants, filter water, and create habitats, oysters are ecosystem engineers that develop a natural storm barrier to reduce flooding and prevent erosion. We are proud to support Billion Oyster Project in their efforts to educate for the future and protect our beautiful waters of today. 

Learn more about the project here.‍

MAKE Projects

MAKE Projects in San Diego is an employment social enterprise that focuses on creating job opportunities for low-income refugees. With a focus on immigrant women and youth, the initiative provides training, job readiness skills, all with the common love of food, culture, and community. 

Despite the obstacles over the last couple of years, MAKE Projects has developed a collaborative approach with Project CHOP and Youth FarmWorks that has adapted to digital literacy, new business models, and pandemic proof training. 

As a social enterprise with wings to grow, they continue to help refugees, immigrants, and displaced people groups find joy and community across agriculture skills, chef mastery, and employment opportunities. We are excited to support this organization as it grows to reach more people across the San Diego area!  

Read more about MAKE Projects here.‍

What Organizations Do You Love? We love our planet, and we love our people.<3 

As a part of 1% For The Planet, we are supporting these incredible organizations this year that are making an impact in local communities and creating a better environment for future generations to come! 

What organizations do you love and support? Message us with your favorites! 

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