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Wren Dougherty

Growing up a nerd so clumsy that a doctor diagnosed it as a medical condition, Wren always thought that her secret, shameful dreams of being an athlete were unattainable.  That is, until her late 20’s when she saw a kiteboarder for the first time, pulled an e-brake turn on life, and sprinted recklessly into the ocean.  There’s been no looking back since (not even before turning, which has resulted in some pretty spectacular water-based collisions!)

After years of dedication and multiple broken joints and limbs, Wren has become Loyal to the Foil, specializing in all things hydrofoil.  She trains jet ski tow surfing (where DO they come up with these sports) and surfing in Puerto Rico in the winters, and all foil sports in the Columbia River Gorge in the Pacific Northwest in the summers.  She rides for the brands she’s idolized her whole sports career: Ozone Kites, MikesLab Foils, and NJS Boards.  

Despite her highly lucrative sports career where she makes HUNDREDS of dollars per annum, Wren sticks to her nerd roots and works as an AI and fairness researcher by day. Blending her love of mathematics, philosophy, ethics, and law, she works on Risk Prediction and Anti-Discrimination at Airbnb- making sure that people don’t do bad things in houses, and that these bad things are prevented in a way that is fair and ethical.  

In her spare time (there isn’t much…) she loves renovating homes and building out beautiful communities in beautiful places.  She can’t wait to see you on the beach!

Follow Wren on Instagram @heart_wrench.


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