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Our Culture


To empower optimism through originality.


To challenge industry expectations through sustainable design and creative pursuits that redefine what it means to be an inventor.


Our culture is fun-loving and driven by the open door to the entrepreneurial dream. We know that ambition paired with inventive creativity leads to empowered solutions that benefit our customers, our communities, and our people. Transparency-empathy is our hyphened middle name and we wear it humbly with a team that comes from a diverse set of perspectives. We believe in thoughtful solutions and learning at every crossroads we come to. When it comes down to it - we ask big questions and deliver originality to the doorstep of industry change.


Inventive mindset
We are a company of inventors and creative thinkers that seek to empower a new way forward in conscious consumerism and commerce. We are resourceful, innovative, and skillful in design, implementation, and production to deliver intentions that add meaningful value to our customers.

Fearless originality
We are enthusiastic about fearless original ideas that defy industry norms and challenge expectations. We create and advocate for new categories in a range of industries and shape whole new perspectives on products that have the ability to enhance our lives.

Creative ambition
Ambition begins with an idea and is carried by creativity and action. We hold an open space for ambition to develop and flourish in every aspect of our company. We believe no door is closed to us when we set our aspirations with actionable intention.

Diverse perspective
We embrace diverse perspectives that come from a wide range of backgrounds and identities. We strive to be inclusive across every conversation and development process to be a company that upholds the advancement of communities and individual self-expression.

Candid transparency
Across every step of growth, we are humbly transparent with our team, stakeholders, and customers who deserve honest communication. From daily business practices to managing company development, we keep our people updated and informed.

Thoughtful empathy
Empathy is a core part of our company and we operate with a thoughtful approach across all communication avenues. We seek to listen, understand, and respond with care and consideration to the experiences and lived stories of others.

Genuine stewardship
We implement sustainable design that transfers beyond our digital assets and manufacturing processes to lower our impact on the environment. We care about the protection of our planet and champion community wellness to benefit the future of generations to come.

We are on a mission


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