Emily Kenison. Lawyer turned inventor.
Emily Kenison is an American businesswoman, lawyer, and inventor.
Emily Kenison is an American businesswoman, lawyer, and inventor. Born and raised in New York City as a first-generation American with a passion for helping others. At 18 years old, she started an eBay store where she resold high fashion items while majoring in economics at Columbia University. This was the start of her entrepreneurship endeavor, which help support her way through college. During her time at New York University School of Law, she started to realize her interest in fashion was something she could continue to pursue.

Upon graduating, Emily started her career as a lawyer. During her first week on the job, she slipped out of her pump. This resulted in her stumbling in front of all of her co-workers. It was pretty embarrassing. Emily wished she had bought heels with a strap instead. This was when it came to her. Why not just make detachable straps to go over your pumps to keep your foot in the shoe. Make a strap for your shoe. This was the inspiration for her first invention, Straplets.

A year after launching Straplets, Emily left her job to follow her passions full-time. This has allowed her to have focus and further develop her business acumen. Her latest invention is RobeCurls, the world's first curling headband. It is a heat-free method of curling your hair inspired by a viral TikTok hack. You can help support this idea by purchasing it on Indiegogo.

Emily creates ideas for progress by using her background in law to identify and secure patents, an anomaly in the fashion industry that gives her creations a unique edge. These products solve everyday frustrations for everyday people.
A message from our
founder Emily Kenison:
“I believe in conscious consumerism by creating products with purpose on the backbone of sustainability. I am a proponent that you can be fashionable, have fun, and be beautiful while still eco-friendly. Every purchase you make is a moral act for our future generations. I want that future version of yourself to be happy in the world you live in today. I stand behind my ideas and will try my hardest to give you the best possible products I can deliver.”