Emily Kenison. Lawyer turned inventor.
Welcome to EmiKeni!

Growing up in New York as a first-generation Turkish-American, Emily always had a perceptive eye for refashioning everyday use items with simple solutions.

With a background in law and the complexity of creating patents, Emily has built an innovative path forward that challenges modern-day manufacturing practices. As she stumbled into her first invention of Straplets, she discovered how many people share the same daily frustrations.

Instead of stuffing her extra pairs of shoes in the oven for storage, or buying an entirely new pair, she found a simple answer by designing a stylish strap that can be paired with any shoe. As the community of loyal customers has grown to embrace her inventions, Emily has expanded to create RobeCurls, the first heatless curling headband.

Inspired by the TikTok trend of #robecurls, Emily began working alongside a local fashion student to refine her invention. Through customer feedback from over 500 women and men, RobeCurls is an evolved hairstyle tool for all hair types. Emily's patent-pending inclusive design paired with eco-friendly practices ensures RobeCurls original Curling Headband is made for the movement of the future. 

Emily is driven by care for the environment and the love of people. As an entrepreneur, she continues to push the line of possibility in the fashion and beauty industry. By helping pave the way forward for others, she is opening new possibilities for the future of inventions and conscious consumerism with each new invention.

A message from our
founder Emily Kenison:
“I believe in conscious consumerism by creating products with purpose on the backbone of sustainability. Every purchase you make is being consciously mindful of our future generations. I want you to feel happy and beautiful in the items you wear and the world you live in with products that make a difference in the beauty and fashion industry. I stand behind my ideas and will try my absolute best to give you inventive solutions to everyday items you love. Together, we can make waves of change!”